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 Publishing for Academics, Scientists, Professionals and Organizations
 Welcome to TEXTRUM
TEXTRUM is dedicated to providing quality, affordable and timely journals to academics, scientists, practitioners and professionals.

The demand for scientific and professional knowledge is expanding at a rate which demands faster publication times, cheaper access to articles, and easier access routes to publication for authors. TEXTRUM offers a contemporary route to achieving these goals.

Unlike traditional publishers, TEXTRUM makes journal publishing achievable for all, from individual academics, scientists, and professionals to the largest learned societies and organizations and provides a significantly cheaper product for readers and customers.

Our in-house developed submission, editing and publishing systems overcome the constraints of traditional publishers, resulting in minimum delays between manuscript acceptance and publication, whilst providing cheaper subscriptions for our customers. Our dedication to quality ensures that publications contain relevant and up-to-date peer reviewed research, knowledge and tools.

TEXTRUM demands the highest quality and integrity standards for its e-journals. Our desire is to publish journals to the highest scientific and ethical standards based on the Council of Science Editors (CSE) White Paper promoting integrity in scientific journal publications.

TEXTRUM provides highly competitive subscription rates for: Individuals; Academic institutions; Learned societies and not-for-profit organizations; Corporate and for-profit organizations.

Subscribers can either subscribe to a journal or a collection of journals for a specified annual fee, or download individual articles for a per download fee.

Journal access to institutional bodies such as libraries is made through an IP authentication process contractually agreed by both parties.

 Products & Services
Whether you are an academic institution, learned society, not-for-profit organisation, or corporate institution, our products and services can be tailored to your individual publishing requirements.

Through our portfolio of products and services, we are able to offer a range of hosted publishing solutions, from a hosted self-service publishing solution integrated into your website, to a fully managed online publishing service.

See how our range of electronic publishing based solutions can meet your individual needs.

 Propose a Journal
TEXTRUM encourages leading academics, scientists, professionals and practitioners to propose new e-journals.

Proposals for traditional, high-quality academic journals will be considered, but in addition, TEXTRUM is keen to publish journal proposals that:
  • Convey new knowledge in innovative ways to new audiences
  • Disseminate emerging multidisciplinary knowledge
  • Provide cheaper, faster outlets for research in competitive areas
  • Convey cutting-edge knowledge to professionals and practitioners
  • Provide knowledge in a form that is valuable for teaching and learning
  • Cover areas where demand for new knowledge is driven by social and political initiatives


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